Mixmeister Snow Leopard to Lion Upgrade Fix

Mixmeister MAC OS Snow Leopard to Lion Work-Around Fix

Ok, so here’s the scenario…You’ve upgraded from Snow Leopard (SL) to Lion and now Mixmeister (MM) doesn’t work.  There is no easy fix but hopefully the following work-around will help you…follow these instructions and you should find yourself happily mixing again.

Partition the existing HD so that you have a brand new partition.  I suggest as much space as possible because you will have to import sound files as you need them and you will create sound files within this new partition.  It’s here that your MM world will reside until a MM upgrade that works on Lion/Mountain Lion is released.

On the new partition you will need install one of the latest versions of SL (10.6.7 or 10.6.8). If you don’t have either of these versions on DVD, file on your computer or access to the Cloud then visit a Genius Bar and they will install it for you (if you have AppleCare).  You cannot install a different version on a new partition.  It just can’t be done.

Follow these steps if you are going to use a DVD to install – In Lion insert the disk and then reboot. As the Mac reboots hold the Option key until 4 icons appear (the fourth icon should appear within 45 second of the third, Recovery Disk, icon appears). Click and follow the prompts then once finished eject the DVD and store for later use. That should initiate the SL OS to install. Once the install has completed you will be able to boot into the SL environment by holding down the Option key on start up.

To boot up into SL hold down the option key and press the on key and hold the option key until the threee icons appear and then select the SL partition. This will initiate the OS and you will arrive at a login screen. Login using the details you entered during the SL set-up and reinstall the MM software onto this new partition.

You will need to make sure you update the permissions between the two partitions and I suggest if you don’t have a clue how to do this then you speak with an Apple technician.  You must make sure the permissions are set so that you can access files from both partitions before you install MM.

Log into your Snow Leopard world/OS  and go to finder so that you can locate the original download of MM.  Click on the Lion partition and locate the file.  Copy it and then paste it into a folder on SL.  Install and be sure to select the SL partition to install MM.  You are now ready to use MM as you once did before you upgraded to Lion.

No…you don’t need a new laptop and there might be new processes you’re not loving but I hope this fix helps and that you find yourself mixing again and, I hope you forget the hassle you had to make MM work and that as temporary this fix may be it was worth it because of all the the amazin’ sounds you discover and make with Mixmeister.