Labrinth – Jealous (Seamus Haji Remix)

Labrinth releases his latest tune and its a slam dunk thanks in part to club remixing stylist Seamus Haji.  Yet to conquer the US Billboard charts perhaps Jealous will be the one that helps Labrinth breakthrough and make it to the number one spot.

The original version is a piano ballad – intense in your face vocals mashed with a simple video of Labrinth in his finest yellow jumper – not really something that interests me, and let’s face it…who wants that in a dance track right???  Me!!!

In steps a veteran to the club circuit, a goliath in the club remixing arena – Seamus Haji who unleashes a thump that motivates, vibrates and accelerates sinking deep – deep house – turning a ballad into a tune that would cook up any Sunday arvo BBQ playlist.  I want to eat this track up…and this BBQ Shrimp.  Put another shrimp on the barbie will ya…and turn up the volume while you’re at it.