Music Review: Brandy and Monica – It All Belongs To Me (High Level Club Not So Clean Mix)

Club remixing began back in the 60’s when R’n’B artists were sampled by DJ’s who used synthetic sounds and beats with bass lines from popular R&B tracks (think back to Grandmaster Flash). Remixing evolved so that key vocals were sampled and then reused on top of club style beats. The technique has developed to what popular remixers do with tracks today.  Now it’s all about finding new sounds, experimenting with digital tools and pushing boundaries within musical sub genres.

2 of the biggest and most popular R’n’B / POP crossover artists: Monica and Brandy have teamed up to release a brand new track called It Belongs To Me.  The High Level Club Not So Clean Mix is the dance floor’s answer to the original version of this track and is an instantly recognisable club behemoth.  Most notably the sub bass is fat and the electronic sounds are fresh.