MusicReview: Cahill ft. Chrom3 – Can’t You See (Club Mix)

Cahill as remixes producers are in my opinion the best that money can buy having remixed songs for so many of the majors including their most recent reworks of Rihanna‘s We Found Love and Nicole Scherzinger‘s Try With Me.  Over the years they have delighted us by transforming an artist’s original work into something we can dance to, work out with & enjoy in a club.  Can’t You See is another instalment from the trio, this time featuring Chrom3, that showcases their songwriting talents.

This intricately layered track is produced to the highest of mastering standards.  From the moment you hear it you will noticed the balance in sounds that twist and turn playfully.  A driving beat that doesn’t over power the melody.  A bassline that envelops the listener and a vocal that subliminally entices and suggests so many emotions.

I must admit that this song did not hook me immediately.  After two or three listens I was unable to stop.  I’d be interested to know whether you liked this track or not.

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