Cyndi Lauper – Sex Is In The Heel (RLP Remix)

Another artist who has found a groove in the dance music circuit is Cyndi Lauper.  No longer synonymous with wailing, screeching and unmistakable sounds Lauper instead has turned to a producing safe, and sometimes a little less interesting dance tunes.

Sex Is In The Heel is taken from the upcoming Broadway musical called Kinky Boots.

The RLP Remix of Sex Is In The Heel is probably one of the more adventurous versions of this track.  Even the Danny Verde version doesn’t quite hit the mark.  What makes the RLP version so much better is the way they have utilised the baseline.  It’s thick, punchy, quite simple but totally complimentary to the vocals and the other sounds used to create this remix.

What this song lacks in lyric (a bit of a shame really as Lauper has released some really amazing club tracks not so long ago and I love to hear her sing more) it oozes in atmosphere.  Sometimes that’s all you need.  In my opinion it’s as good as house music gets right now…