Review: Erika Jayne – Party People (Ignite The World) (Jody Den Broeder Club Mix)

Jody Den Broeder’s club remix of Erika Jayne’s Party People (Ignite The World) hooked djsimonspace in straight away.

The track is playful and is filled with electronic bleeps and bloops – which is exactly the type of music I love to listen to when I train at the gym.

What it lacks in lyrics it gains in production.  I have my doubts this will go down in history as a classic but all the same I can appreciate it for what it is – ‘are you ready for this?’

Who is Erika Jayne ?  In the past 12 months Erika Jayne has been making a name for herself on the US Dance Charts with Pretty Mess and most recently One Hot Pleasure.  This woman is a natural in front of the lens and her video clips are worth viewing if only for the imagery itself.