Review: Lady Gaga – Marry The Night (DJ Funk3d Club Remix)

Welcome 2012 and the beats go on…Lady Gaga manages to deliver another amazing track from her “Born This Way” set.  Remixed by Ben Corker aka DJ Funk3d  Marry The Night (Funk3d Club Remix) is probably one of Funk3d best remixes so far.

There’s no denying I am a huge fan of DJ Funk3d.  He manages to keep his mixes fresh without deviating too far from his core style.  For all you DJs out there check out this mix and add it to your set.  The intro and outro are both well designed and allow for easy mixing.

Best bits for me are the trace melody and the heavy bass.  Combine these with powerful sweeps, thumping beats and of course Lady Gaga magic and you have a killer club anthem.

Get this in your ears…