Review: Lady Gaga – Marry The Night (Happy HotDog Club Remix Edit)

Gaga’s done it again !

djsimonspace brings you the latest pre-released club remix of Lady Gaga’s Marry The Night. Remixed by happy house legend – Happy HotDog – aka Francisco Cano (who by the way is only 15 years old).

This remix demonstrates that age means nothing when you are creating with music.  Francisco has remixed the 3B’s (Beyonce, Bieber and Britney), Adele, Kylie and The Saturdays along with many more.  In my opinion Madonna needs this club remixer for at least one official remix from a single from her new album.

His version of Marry The Night is infectious and sure to dominate the dance floors across the globe over the 2011/2012 party season.