Little Mix – DNA (Kat Krazy / Matt Nevin Video Mix) and DNA (Sharoque Extended Mix)

It’s not often I will review multiple versions of the same song.  What I try to do is find my favourite version of a track and then review it…however there are always exceptions.

Little Mix are to release their second single called DNA from their album with the same title in a few days time.  This group is quickly making a mark on the pop circuit and it looks as though they may take the crown from pop princesses The Saturdays as being the most bankable girl group in the world…we shall see…

DNA has had the Kat Krazy treatment.  If you’re familiar with any of his remixes then you will recognise what is his signature beat throughout this remix.  Definitely one of my favourite tracks at the moment.  This version is the Matt Nevin video version – what a great edit !

Sharoque also steps up to deliver a brilliant interpretation of DNA with a more subtle trancelike pop remix.  It’s hard to say which version is better so listen to both of them and tell me which one you think is better.

I’ve also added a link to the music video for all you fans of slick, high gloss sexuality…

DNA (Kat Krazy / Matt Nevin Video Mix)

DNA (Sharoque Extended Mix)