Review: Nicole Scherzinger – Try With Me (7th Heaven Club Mix)

Finally the club mixes are coming into the mainstream for Nicole Scherzinger‘s Try With Me.  Today we’re hooking you up with the 7th Heaven club remix.  I’ll be honest and say that the original song even though it’s musically beautiful is fairly standard ballad stuff, but the remixes I’ve heard so far (JRMX edit and club remix and Cahill edit) have all brought the song to a new level and into the club life.

The 7th Heaven Club Remix is slightly reminiscent of old school trance in how they have utilised big room synths and blended it with Scherzy’s ethereal vocal samples.  I think it works really well because the track manages to not only retain most of the emotion found in the original ballad but also develop it further and intensify this emotion.  This version is a must have for DJs who play mainstream club tracks as part of their set (…guilty !)

Where this remix really stands out is by how it develops a deep complex ethereal trance by building layer upon layer and combining this with the bounce of electronica making use of bleeps and bloops with big fat beats and a relentless bassline to give it a club style groove.

This is a great track and I hope you enjoy it as much as I have…