MusicReview: Rebels Without A Cause and York ft. Lola Grover- Red Violin (York’s Club Mix)

If your flavour is progressive trance then take a listen to what’s about to hit the airwaves.  

Rebels Without a Cause & York will soon release Red Violin.  A smooth sultry progressive trance track.  The York’s club mix of Red Violin is smooth throughout.  A vey sultry build up that leads to a electronic hive of melodic and harmonic bliss – isn’t that the ideal trance track?  Simple yet elegant electronica.

It’s not your usual cliched pop track – no, not at all.  But in my opinion this track is perfect to listen to on a lazy Sunday morning when all you want to do is wake up when you’re ready and not a moment before…If you like this version then listen to the second version in this review.  It’s even more soothing than the York’s Club Mix and features the vocals of Lola Grover.  It’s BEAUTIFUL !

Rebels Without A Cause & York – Red Violin (York’s Club Mix)

Version 2

Rebels without a Cause & York ft. Lola Grover – Red Violin (Vocal Mix)