K-POP: What is it … and why I am obsessed by it.

OK…something a little bit different today : K-POP… What is K-POP?

It’s Korean Pop Music.  I first came across it in October 2011 when the K-Pop Billboard.com charts were launched and since have been a little obsessed by it.

No, I don’t know what they are singing about and I don’t really care.  I like the melodies and the music behind it and of course the videos are great.  The editing from one shot to another is flawless and the choreography is impressive.  Sometimes I think I’m watching a cartoon – these girls are so colourful and their movements are so programmed.

I’ve chose just 3 tracks as teasers for you by two of K-POP’s chart leading girl band groups: Girls’ Generation and T-ara.  The Boys, Roly Poly and Cry Cry have all been to the top of the Korean charts over the past couple of months.

I know this isn’t what you would expect from this blog but I just thought you might enjoy watching these as much as I do considering a whole heap of bucks have been spent on the fashion, shoes, hair, makeup, marketing…

Girls’ Generation – The Boys

T-ara – Cry Cry

T-ara – Roly Poly