Zendaya – Replay (Country Club Martini Crew Remix)

Not many have heard of this rising starlet but Zendaya has finally broken through with this amazing new tracked called Replay.  There are various mixes of this track about to surface including a great version from the production stable of Ralphi Rosario that I highly recommend you listen to (listen below).  But by a whisker my favourite version of this song is the remix from Country Club Martini Crew.  Having already mixed the likes of Pink!, Maroon 5, Christina Aguilera and Beyonce (to name only a few).  Take a listen to this track just for it’s production value.  It’s intelligent remixing at it’s very best.  I’m keeping my eye on this crew…The single edit video has a groovy hip-hop vibe happening (listen below)

Country Club Martini Crew Remix

Ralphi Rosario Remix

Video Edit